Version 3.9.1
– Backups are now organized regarding the group of the switch that has been defined in switches.xml.
– Logs Rotation
– Backups logs are browsable directly from the web interface
– Source code clarifications (set_to_no_untag_selected_ports_in_vlan.php)

Version 3.9
– Improvements in Vlan edition (tagging/untagging/no untag ports) :
Now works with trunks.
Source code simplified (added GeneralPort.class.php, a Port class that is
independent from the vlan, useful in this case).

Version 3.8
– Improved compatibility with HP products originally designed by 3com.
Untagging ports is now working well. Only port tagging is still not working

Version 3.7.1
– Small display bugs with IE corrected.

Version 3.7
– Design now relies on bootstrap,well known by web developpers, it permits a shorter and simpler custom css file.
– “Other switches” group can be developed like the others in left menu
– Clicking on ports is now well working with IE.
– languages are now fully supported with xml files. Only one view for all languages is needed.
translation is now easier.
– Progress bar while making a backup of switch configuration files is now working properly.
Added possibility to disable progress bar to see easily errors if something goes wrong.

Version 3.6
– Tagging a port allways let it untagged if it’s untagged somewhere else.
– untagging a port tagged somewhere else now working
– ADLdap library updated
– Smarty libray updated

Version 3.5
– hpvsa now supports trunks ports thanks to Bernt Pettersen who wrote a correction that I included in this version.

Version 3.4.2
– Quotes displayed sometimes around port names or Ids has been removed.
– Added possibility to choose between IDs/Aliases/Names in port representation on a switch
– Port.class.php : getDescription() function misspelled description corrected.

Version 3.4.1
– display bug with IE corrected
– Added possibility to hide/show switches group members in main menu.

Version 3.4
– added possibility to sort switches using groups.
– added possibility to show vlan names (aliases) instead of ids

– Switches.xml missing </switch> tag corrected.

Version 3.3.1
– added partial compatibility with switches coming from 3com range (HP has purchased 3Com).
See switches.xml example 6 to see how to activate it. Don’t forget to upgrade the firmwares of
the switches. Note that it is a beta functionality, not fully tested for now. Your help would be
appreciated !

To make it work directly from version 3.3, copy/replace those files :
* lib/classes/MySwitch.class.php
* lib/classes/MyXmlParser.class.php
* release_notes

Version 3.3
– added the possibility to let a port untagged somewhere while untagged in another vlan
– source code simplfied (edit_port_form.tpl)
– warning messages on the links accessing to switches configuration files
– In some cases, name of vlans where truncated : bug corrected.

Version 3.2
– Added the possibility to edit switches configuration files
(and send them to the switch) – ssh default user and password are now
working in config.conf (due to a bug in MySwitch.class.php) – new option
in config.conf permit to set the default value for <plannedForBackup>

Version 3.1
– Email notification after switches backup done.
– configuration files can be easily moved to a secured (non www accessible) location.

Version 3.0.4
Saving several switches under windows wasn’t working : bug corrected.
To make it work directly from version 3.0.3, copy/replace those files :
* lib/classes/MySwitch.class.php

Version 3.0.3
– Ssh credentials (used to retrieve configuration files) can now be defined
in config.conf and switches.xml (user and password)
before, it was root used directly in the source code and with some switches it did
not work : user manager has to be set instead. So now you can choose for each switch
witch user to use to get configuration file.
– bug with directories creation for configuration files backup corrected.

To make it work directly from version 3.0.2, copy/replace those files :
* lib/classes/MySwitch.class.php
* lib/classes/MyXmlParser.class.php
* lib/conf_parser.php
* backup_all_configs.php
* release_notes

And update your config.conf adding DEFAULT_SSH_USER parameter.

Version 3.0.2
– Backup management fully compatible with Windows OS (Wamp, easyPHP)

Version 3.0.1
– Better file organization for backups.

To make it work directly from version 3.0, copy/replace those files :

* backup_all_configs.php
* browse_config_files.php

Version 3.0
– Automatic and secured backup management of configuration files

Version 2.3
– Added integrated telnet/ssh console to connect to switches directly from web interface (using java applet JTA or mindterm)

Version 2.2.1
– some minor bugs of 2.2 version corrected

Version 2.2
– Edit a vlan and tag/untag/no untag several ports in a few clicks

Version 2.1
– Create a vlan on several/all your switches in a few clicks
– Delete several vlans on one/several/all switch(es) in a few click
– Unknown MonXMLParser bug corrected (class MySwitch.class.php)

To make it work directly from version 2.0.3, copy/replace those files :
* views/en/create_vlan.tpl
* views/fr/create_vlan.tpl
* views/en/list_vlans.tpl
* views/fr/list_vlans.tpl
* views/en/delete_selected_vlans.tpl
* views/fr/delete_selected_vlans.tpl
* views/en/delete_selected_vlans_form.tpl
* views/fr/delete_selected_vlans_form.tpl
* web/js/delete_selected_vlans_form.js
* web/js/create_vlan_form.js
* create_vlan.php
* delete_selected_vlans.php
* delete_selected_vlans_form.php
* lib/classes/MySwitch.class.php
* release_notes

Version 2.0.3
– Ports details added (speed, name and description)
– Switch IP shown when mouse hover on switches menu (can be disabled in config.conf file)
– better display of port edition (colors)

To make it work directly from version 2.0.2, copy/replace those files :
* views/en/common/_menu.tpl
* views/fr/common/_menu.tpl
* views/en/edit_port_form.tpl
* views/fr/edit_port_form.tpl
* includes/include_smarty.php
* lib/conf_parser.php
* lib/classes/MySwitch.class.php
* lib/classes/Port.class.php
* edit_port_form.php
* params/OIDs.xml
* web/css/style.css
* release_notes

add this fowlowing line in your config.conf :

# If set to 1, ip of switch is shown when hovering it with mouse in the main menu
# Si defini a 1, l’adresse ip du swtich apparait en info-bulle quand on passe la
# souris desus dans le menu de gauche

Version 2.0.2
– several bugs with some constant inclusions corrected.

To make it work directly from version 2.0.1, copy/replace those files :
* lib/classes/MySwitch.class.php
* lib/classes/MyXmlParser.class.php
* release_notes

Version 2.0.1
– Configuration file now includes active directory configuration.
– System Uptime displayed in switches details

To make it work directly from version 2.0, copy/replace those files :
* lib/classes/MySwitch.class.php
* lib/conf_parser.php
* lib/class/Functions.class.php (new file name for Fonctions.class.php)
* params/OIDs.xml
* views/en/edit_port_form.tpl
* views/fr/edit_port_form.tpl
* release_notes

add these fowlowing lines in your config.conf file (if you need Active Directory authentication) :


Version 2.0
– supports snmp V1, V2 and V3
– configuration file is now in text format (unixlike configuration file)
– bug corrected when set to no untag a port
– better display of errors
– some small html bugs corrected
– readme (detailed explaination about snmp v3)

Version 1.6.0
– Serial number is now displayed in switches details
– Better Switches details display (can be hidden or even disabled when not needed).
– Display bug for selected switch when it is displayed on several lines in menu corrected
– Myswitch.class.php toString method : small bug with color display of CPU and Memory corrected

To make it work directly from version 1.5.3, copy/replace those files :
* web/css/style.css
* web/css/messageBox.css
* web/js/list_vlans.ready.js
* includes/include_smarty.php
* lib/classes/MySwitch.class.php
* views/en/list_vlans.tpl
* views/fr/list_vlans.tpl
* views/partial_commons/_header.tpl
* params/OIDs.xml
* release_notes

Then add these two lines in conf.php

define(“HIDE_DETAILS_BOX”,0); /* if set to 1, detailed box for a switch is displayed by a hover event with the mouse on the link “show details”. Set this to 0 to display it all the time. */
/* si defini a un, la boite affichant les details d’un switch est affichee sur le passage de la souris sur le lien “voir details”. Passez cette valeur a 0 pour l’afficher tout le temps. */
define(“DISABLE_DETAILS_BOX”,0);/* if set to 1, details of switches are not displayed at all */

Version 1.5.3
– Selected switch is now highlighted in menu
– Memory and CPU Utilization are displayed in switch details.
– Automated check that switchs.xml file contains unique id and IPs for each switch
– Automated check that OIDs.xml file contains unique id for each OID

To make it work directly from version 1.5.2, copy/replace those files :

* views/en/common/_menu.tpl
* views/fr/common/_menu.tpl
* views/en/list_vlans.tpl
* views/fr/list_vlans.tpl
* web/css/style.css
* web/images/bg-menu-item-selected.gif
* params/OIDs.xml
* params/messages.php
* lib/classes/MySwitch.class.php
* lib/classes/MonParser.php
* release_notes

Version 1.5.2
– Display of dashboard in IE bug corrected
– Opened file “VERSION” closed in includes/include_smarty.php

To make it work directly from version 1.5.1, copy/replace those files :

* includes/include_smarty.php
* views/partial_commons/_dashboard-switches_tables_container.tpl
* web/css/style.css
* release_notes

Version 1.5.1
– list of available Vlans for tagging a port restricted to vlans where the port is not already tagged
– display of version directly taken from VERSION instead of conf.php

To make it work directly from version 1.5.0, edit conf.php and delete the line define(VERSION,”1.x.x”); and then copy/replace those files :

* edit_port_form.php
* includes/include_smarty.php
* views/en/edit_port_form.tpl
* views/fr/edit_port_form.tpl
* release_notes

Version 1.5.0
– Added possibility to set to “no untagged a port” in several vlans in a few clicks.
– Tagged in All vlans didn’t work with source VLAN : corrected
– Bug when adding a new vlan corrected

To make it work directly from version 1.4.x, change version in conf.php if you want and then copy/replace those files :

* lib/classes/MySwitch.class.php
* edit_port_form.php
* views/fr/edit_port_form.tpl
* views/fr/set_to_no_untagged_port_in_selected_vlans.tpl
* views/enedit_port_form.tpl
* views/en/set_to_no_untagged_port_in_selected_vlans.tpl
* edit_port_form.js
* set_to_no_untagged_port_in_selected_vlans.php
* release_notes

Version 1.4.1
In this release :
– dashboard execution time reduced (switches disabled are passed, not only in tpl view but in dashboard.php file too)
To make it work directly from version 1.4.0, change version in conf.php if you want and then copy/replace those files :

* dashboard.php
* release_notes

Version 1.4.0
– Added dashboard to see all switches (or those that you’ve selected in switchs.xml file) at the same time
– colors of ports can be directly modified in conf.php

Version 1.3.0

– Added possibility to tag a port in several and even in all vlans in a few clicks.

Version 1.2.2
In this release :
– rename and create vlan explicit message when a number is entered (instead of a snmp exception)
– version showed in the program
– footer with link to support (can be disabled)
– better readme
– views folder organisation simplified

Version 1.2.1
In this release :

– Local authentication html login form small html bug corrected
– Better README (installation explainations)

Version 1.2
In this release :

– Local authentication added.

Version 1.1
In this release :

– Execution time reduced (improvements on MySwitch.class.php and Port.class.php, less snmp requests : only when it’s strictly needed)
– Bug corrected : Tagging an untagged port in vlan A in vlan B does not let the port Tagged in vlan A anymore

Version 1.0
First stable version. Olders where to unstable. Not shown in this file.